Types Of Printer Paper

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Types of Printer Paper

There are various types of printer paper available, but not all of them are created for the same purpose. With the right paper, colors can become brighter, black text can stand out more, and a document is able to have quite an impact on the individual reading it. Knowing which type of paper is appropriate for which kind of print jobs can make it easier to select the right paper.

Matte Paper

Matte paper is best for everyday use. Matte paper is a kind of paper that has a white coating that allows the ink to dry quickly. Because the ink does dry so quickly on matte paper, it is unlikely to smear or become smudged with fingerprints.

Glossy Paper

Glossy paper is typically used for printing photos because the paper produces sharp, vibrant print due to its glossy finish. The glossy finish actually absorbs the ink to create beautiful pictures. However, it is easy to smudge the paper with fingerprints, so it is important to handle it gently until the freshly printed item has dried completely. Glossy paper can become stuck to pages that are against the printed side, so it is best to avoid using it in situations where it will be used that way, such as in scrapbooks. There is a specialized kind of glossy paper specifically designed for photo printing.

Photo Paper

Though glossy paper is primarily for photos and similar applications, photo paper is specifically designed just for photos. Photo paper has a glossy finish and it also allows the ink to dry quickly producing picturesque images. Photo paper usually comes in several sizes and weights.

Bright White Paper

Bright white paper can be printed on both sides. In fact, it is designed for double use. With smooth, non-textured surfaces, it allows the user to print on both sides without affecting the quality of the print. Because of its brightness, it is designed to make black text as well as other colors stand out on the page.

Resume Paper

When a buyer wants a document, resume, or important form to stand out in the stack, resume paper does the trick. Made heavier and more expensive looking than plain white paper, typically resume paper has a classy cream, ivory, or off-white appeal to it that tells employers and other professionals that the one who printed on this paper really means business.

Card Stock

Card stock is a very heavy and sturdy paper. It can be used as printer paper as well as for everyday use. Because of how heavy it is, card stock does not go through the printer as quickly as regular printer paper. Therefore cardstock is typically only used for scrapbooking, signage, and printing business cards or postcards.

textured paper

Textured Paper has a silky smooth surface structure has been designed to maintain the natural characteristics of a smooth high-white art paper whilst maintaining the necessary natural aesthetics demanded by artists.


it is like normal paper, except that instead of just paper or plastic backing, it has a sheet of Mylar between the paper and the emulsion. It is high gloss, and high contrast

laid paper
 paper that has a finely ribbed appearance.





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