The Science of Colors

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What  should you choose Color for Your Business?

do you know whether the colors of your business give your customers a good reflection or creates the wrong one of you and your company?      


Do you believe in The Science of Colors?


well weather your answer is yes or no you have to read this, it seems hard to believe that colors can have a positive or negative view on how we look like. However, many scientists assert that colors can give a big influence in our physiology and our mentality also it reflects our personalities. Previous study by Wohlfarth and Sam experience the changing of the color environment with 14 handicapped children the result was changing in blood pressure and a decrease in aggressive behavior.



Well, the science of colors has been used by big and small companies. The power of colors involves our nervous system and evokes emotional states. The colors which we choose to be at our company or even at our business card should be formal if we run a big company about building or bank and so on, otherwise if you run a company taking care about design it should be warm and collared.


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