About Us


Founded in 2003, Zeej Print’s mission was to be part of the digital printing evolution into mainstream printing. From its early days, Zeej always believed that digital is the future and technology improvements will do miracles.

Major Project Underway

In 2016 Zeej Print undertook its largest expansion ever when it decided to build a state-of-the-art facility in Sulay area to expand its service offering. A 15 million riyal investment meant to utilize the economies of scale to serve small and medium business. We can now offer print quantities of 50,000 copies at very competitive rates.

The facility boasts an 8 color perfecting LED-UV machine that is the first in the middle east. We are excited about the growth potential. Introducing low-cost printing should follow the footsteps of similar businesses in europe and elsewhere.


The Network

Zeej serves its customers via its high-street shops spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Cairo. A total of 20 shops as well as its stellar online service offering, supported by a centralized customer service center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.